I Offer A Comprehensive Thai Menu Of Over 40 Dishes. Ranging From E-San Thai Food Such As, Lab & Green Papaya Salad, Through To  Curries & Stir Fried (Spicy & Non-Spicy) Dishes. I Have Listed My Signiture Dishes From My Menu We Also Provide Take Away Meals As Listed




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Lunch From 10:30am To 2:30pm

Dinner From 5:00pm to 10:00pm


Dinner From 5:00pmTo 10:00pm


4500 Vatu/kg

With garlic & pepper sauce OR Yellow curry sauce

Coconut Crab
4500 Vatu/kg

With yellow curry sauce. Inquire re: sizes available today

Whole Poulet Fish
1800 - 4500 Vatu/kg

Steamed with lemon sauce OR Steamed with garlic sauce OR Deep fried with chili garlic sauce

Mud Crab
4500 Vatu/kg

With yellow curry sauce. Inquire re: sizes available today

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Stuffed Chicken Wings
1250 Vatu

Filled With Chicken Mince & Herbs

Spring Rolls -
Chicken 850 Vatu / Poulet Fish 1250 Vatu

Crispy Spring Rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Satay Chicken/Beef
950 Vatu

Grilled & served with Peanut Sauce

Tung Tong (Golden Bag)
850 Vatu

Chicken, water chestnut served with sweet chili sauce

Curry Puffs
850 Vatu

Mince Beef & Potato, Wrapped In Puff Pastry. Served With Chilli Sauce

Fresh Spring Rolls -
Chicken 850 Vatu / Prawns 1250 Vatu

Fresh herbs & salad rolls with chicken or prawns served with sweet chili sauce.

Fish Cakes
1250 Vatu

Fish mixed with red curry paste and herbs served with cucumber sauce

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Tom Yum (Prawns or Fish)
1250 Vatu

Lemongrass, mushrooms & herbs

Tom Yum Talay
1250 Vatu

Seafood mix soup with lemongrass, mushrooms & herbs

Tom Kha Gai
1100 Vatu

Chicken, coconut, lime & herbs

Laska -
Prawns 1550 Vatu / Chicken 1300 Vatu

Noodle vegetable with spicy coconut soup

Poa Tak Seafood
1250 Vatu

Mix seafood in a spicy soup flavoured with lime, mint, herbs and lemongrass

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