I Offer A Comprehensive Thai Menu Of Over 40 Dishes. Ranging From E-San Thai Food Such As, Lab & Green Papaya Salad, Through To  Curries & Stir Fried (Spicy & Non-Spicy) Dishes. I Have Listed My Signiture Dishes From My Menu We Also Provide Take Away Meals As Listed




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Lunch From 10:30am To 2:30pm

Dinner From 5:00pm to 10:00pm


Dinner From 5:00pm To 10:00pm


Panang Curry -
Prawn 2300 Vatu Or Beef/Chicken 1860 Vatu

For Curry Lovers! A Delicious Thick Curry.

Mussaman Curry Beef
1860 Vatu

Traditional mild curry of tenderized beef with potatoes & onion with peanut

Green Curry (Gaeng Kiaw Wan) -
Prawn 2300 Vatu Or Beef/Chicken 1860 Vatu

This classic recipe was handed down from the King.

Yellow Curry (Chicken/Beef)
1860 Vatu

Traditional mild curry of tenderized chicken or beef with potato & onion

Red Curry
Fish/Prawn 2300 Vatu Or Beef/Chicken 1850 Vatu

Hot, spicy & tantalising in flavour.

Red Curry Duck
1,950 Vatu

Cooked with pineapple & vegetables

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Green Papaya Salad
1500 Vatu

Mixed with tasty sauce & peanut (mild or hot)

Seafood Salad
2300 Vatu

Spicy combination seafood or mussel, prawns & squid with lemon & herbs dressing

Lam Salad, Chicken Or Beef
1650 Vatu

Minced chicken or pork mixed with lime juice & herbs

Vermicelli Salad
1650 Vatu

Vermicelli spicy salad with chicken or pork

Chef Salad
1500 Vatu

Variety of fresh salads, eggs with peanut sauce dressing

Beef Salad
1650 Vatu

Grilled & sliced juicy beef with herbs & lemon juice dressing

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