I Offer A Comprehensive Thai Menu Of Over 40 Dishes. Ranging From E-San Thai Food Such As, Lab & Green Papaya Salad, Through To  Curries & Stir Fried (Spicy & Non-Spicy) Dishes. I Have Listed My Signiture Dishes From My Menu We Also Provide Take Away Meals As Listed




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Lunch From 10:30am To 2:30pm

Dinner From 5:00pm to 10:00pm


Dinner From 5:00pmTo 10:00pm


Chilli Pork, Beef Or Chicken
1700 Vatu

Stir fried with fresh chili and beans

Chicken Or Beef Basil Stir Fried
1700 Vatu

Stir fried with fresh chili green beans

Spicy Beef Or Chicken
1700 Vatu

Stir fried with red curry paste, onion and basil leaves

Chu Chi Whole Poulet Fish
2500 Vatu

Topped with red curry paste sauce and crispy kaffir leaves and herbs

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Tamarind Duck
1970 Vatu

Boneless duck with tamarind sauce

Lemon Chicken
1550 Vatu

Deep fried battered chicken topped with lemon sauce

Prawns & Vermicelli Noodles Hot Pot
2300 Vatu

Ginger shallots and spice

Honey Chicken
1550 Vatu

Battered chicken cooked in honey with crispy noodles

Oyster Sauce (Beef/Chicken/Pork)
1550 Vatu

Stir fried with vegetables

Pad See Eu (Chicken/Beef)
1700 Vatu

Stir Fried thick rice noodles with vegetables & eggs

Ginger (Beef/Chicken/Pork)
1550 Vatu

Stir fried with fresh ginger & vegetables

Sweet & Sour (Thai Style) Chicken/Pork
1550 Vatu

Stir fried with vegetables and sweet & sour sauce

Black Beans Beef
1550 Vatu

Stir fried beef In black bean sauce

Chicken & Cashew Nuts
1700 Vatu

Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts & vegetables

Pad Thai Noodles (Chicken/Pork)
1700 Vatu

Stir fried rice noodles, crushed peanuts & bean sprouts

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
1550 Vatu

Stir fried with a combination of vegetables

Satay (Beef/Chicken)
1550 Vatu

Peanut sauce & vegetables

Thai BBQ Chicken
1550 Vatu

Grilled chicken with sweet chili sauce served with salad

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Location: Port Vila, VanuatuOpposite the Lookout, next to Ocean View Apartments.

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